With SocialCard you can donate money or your loyalty points to people in need

Do you have a loyalty card from a supermarket, coffeeshop or airline? Did you know, that these points are actually worth money?
People collect points with various cards in exchange for some vouchers here and there. Most of the points are never used, expire or are forgotten.

But these points are actually worth money.

Would you be willing to donate your points?

SocialCard is a unique system, that offers the opportunity to do good with the points you collect while shopping for food, entertainment or travel. Helping others was never so easy, safe and “cheap”.

SocialCoins can then be used to buy groceries, shelter or medical treatment.

You still carry cash?

Most of us aren’t. And thats a good thing. Paying contactless with card or phone is convenient, fast and secure. You have control over your spending, while not loosing coins between couch cushions.

Going cashless – so what?

Convenience always wins. But there are people who are left out. The ones without a home address, that would be a requirement for a bank account or credit card. And what to do, when there is no outlet to charge a mobile phone?

These are the ones, that depend on small donations. They depend on the interaction on the street and your pocket change. But less and less people are able to give, even if they want.

SocialCard – Cashless donations

SocialCard is the tool, that provides the infrastructure to make this all possible. The receiver just needs a SocialCard. This card provides a unique qr-code, that leads to the corresponding donation page. With a scan and the push of a button you can donate – fast and secure.

No fraud, no drugs, no hard alcohol. Only products of daily need, shelter or medical treatment can be exchanged for socialCoins.

Become part of SocialCard and join our waitlist. You get access to the beta-program.